with love from,
Brandie Kohl

Co-creative Energy Medicine Practitioner​

Workshop Facilitator, Educator, Holistic Health Mentor
Interested in nature research, self empowerment, organic gardening, & intuitive development.

Where do you see yourself in this present moment?
Take a deep breath in, exhale gratitude.
Breathe in again with your sense of knowing.

Feel the Deep Relaxation & Comfort By Being Here Now...

"Fully embodied, grounded, and guided by the clear intention to sustain a vibrant, and passionate life. Filled with appreciation, beauty, gratitude, and LOVE.

I am working in a co-creative partnership with the intelligences in Nature, to facilitate alchemical transformations, self-empowerment,
in-person workshops, seminars, and online classes.
While expressing artistry with the feminine divine,
 a potent catalyst for igniting sacred remembrance."
It's time to radiate your own brilliant gift of light.



I work with artisans, musicians, writers, mystics, healers, 
emerging leaders, and their families with holistic lifestyle mentoring, and intuitive guidance 
founded upon optimal experiences
while expressing the whole Soul Presence.

Relating to the integration of all aspects of our humanity...
being on the physical, emotional, mental,
and spiritual levels of embodiment. 
Through self exploration & expression.
Thank you for your interest.

  May you be blessed with infinite unconditional love.

Discover & explore true essence.
Your source of inspiration!

The flower, and plant spirit shown above is the Melissa medicina offered to you as a gift of essential self uncovering, and discovery.
May you 'tap into' her unique wisdom as an activator of the divine feminine principal. Find the truth just below the surface to embody your soul's full potential. Imagine a source of the purest Christ light emanating from your one true heart.
Gratefully, Brandie 

Tapping into mental and/or emotional patterns that deplete or entangle in the

body-field's meridian system,
affecting the electrical coherency of your cells and central nervous system. 

While bringing balance, and stability to the human biome.
We are fully grounded & embodied in the present moment.

Through ancient Energy Medicines,
workshops, personal sessions, 

& wholistic mentoring.

Continue or begin your journey
of alchemical transformation today!

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