with love from,
Brandie Kohl

Co-creative Energy Medicine Practitioner​

Workshop Facilitator, Educator, Holistic Health Mentor
Interested in nature research, self empowerment, organic gardening, & intuitive development.

Trained & Certified in Early Childhood Development,
Energy Medicine, and a lifelong intuitive healer.

“After the fibromyalgia symptoms, and cyclical depression decreased through continued Energy Medicine practices in my late twenties, I have decided to instruct & work with others to do these simple & effective techniques.”
Education & Trainings:
Mynderse Academy in Seneca Falls, New York,
and the Birthplace of Women's Rights where I grew up, and attended grade school.
*Grade school vocalist, Soprano, seven years of chorus.

​Goju Roo Karate student for several years in adolescence.
*Major Expansion of Consciousness 1999
while coming through difficult moves, and initiations.
*Fine Arts & Sciences Major 
Graduate of South Seneca High School in 2003.
*Natural farming & sustainability experience at
Six Circles in Caywood, NY on Seneca Lake
Working with nature, community & the farmer's market in Ithaca, NY.

*Conservation of Natural Resources, at the FLCC
Finger Lakes Community College, Canandaigua, NY.
Soil sciences, yoga & writing class in 2003.
*Graduate of Genesee Community College 2010.
Certified in Early Childhood Development, Human Services,
Classes I-IV American Sign Language,
ASL club, Secretary, and Teacher’s Assistant
Minoring in Fine Arts, & Psychology 101-202.
(Received Presidential and/or Dean’s List acknowledgement each semester)
*About 25 years+ experience with culinary & nutritional herbalism.
*Clairaudience (hearing) Clairofactus (smelling) Clairgustance (tasting) 
Clairsentience (feeling/touching) I have had many ESP experiences
& personal alchemical intentions experienced in varying levels of consciousness for up to/and over 15 years.
Interestingly enough, I found a book on telepathy at age ten!
My process has been one of opening up to and exploring my extra sensory perception, sensitivities, and empathic qualities my entire life.

I can hear, and feel my spiritual guides, and 'team' some would call this physical mediumship.
I am an ordained minister in the Order of Melchizedek. On the priestess path.
More college training classes on business, creative writing,
& the fine art of ceramics in 2012.​
I have always been interested in pottery, molding,
and forming the clay is a life long passion to create with the hands as a
"Symbol of our Creator ability"
Life long student of body intuition, and medical intuitive guidance more since 2012.  
While being trained by my personal & professional teams of highly evolved guides
of the Medical Assistance Program.
Read more about these "MAP teams" on the Perelandra Ltd. website.  
Books by Machaelle Small Wright, and her work with nature intelligence.
I am always interested in the human body, nature, and it's functions!
*Nasus Healing LLC workshops, with Susan Koehler 2013-2016.

*Received the nine shamanic attunements of the Munay Ki Rites, by Barbara Hallnan, PhD.
information about her work located on the resources & gratitude page of this website.
I also learned to give/teach them.  
"Seeds" are given and are yours to 'Grow' if you so choose
Trainings & initiations available.​​​
*Attuned & trained in Mikao Usui's Reiki/Tibetan Healing
& Certified by Joni Yaskulski, Master Teacher in 2015.  
Also, Holy Fire Reiki I & II
certified by Richard Hayden, Master Teacher of Rich Hayden Yoga.

Dr. Mikao Usui Shiki Ryoho Reiki Degree III
& master level teacher training, with certification November 5th, 2017.
Thank you to Barbara Hallnan, PhD for these mystery teachings.

​Sound healing with Nada Yoga Technologies by Angela BlueSkies
August 13th, 2017.

I am deeply grateful for all of my mentors, and teachers.  
Through out the years, I will be happy to discuss as this website develops more.
Thank You for your time & interest.  Many blessings!