with love from,
Brandie Kohl

Co-creative Energy Medicine Practitioner​

Workshop Facilitator, Educator, Holistic Health Mentor
Interested in nature research, self empowerment, organic gardening, & intuitive development.

Our Services

Reweaving the crystalline matrix is about the deep repatterning           & reprogramming of the etheric double of your physical being.
It works on the mental, emotional, and spiritual aspects as well.
I am Brandie Kohl, a certified energy medicine practitioner through a variety of lineages. I've been studying and researching nature since I was a little girl. My interests in gardening, herbalism, and alchemy began at a very young age.  I was seven when I began to mix herbal preparations, and around ten when I found a book on telepathy that began my journey of metaphysical experiences that I can remember.
I am a natural born intuitive, and healer. Guided by Great Spirit, Mother Creator, to be of service, and deep alchemical transformation on the planet at this time. I am incredibly grateful to work with you, and my team in a way that supports, and uplifts you.  I am open to collaborations in the future for assisting humanity in their divine awakening.

Thank you for being here at this time.

You may contact me through this website, by calling 585.993.3723 
or by emailing me to enroll in a program:
  1. Original Body Oracle $555
    A complete personal reading of the auric field, and akasha. 120 minutes in a skype call over 1 or 2 sessions depending on guidance, and availability. Energy Medicine lessons, and healing exchange included to tap deep into current priorities.
  2. Advanced Body Oracle $1333
    Transformational energy work over the course of one month. Facilitating connections + the activation of body-mind-spirit to enhance your journey of remembrance, remotely. Clearing + Restoration. Evolutionary processes, & three 60 minute calls.
  3. Alchemical Mentoring $2,999
    Original & Advanced Body Oracle including three months of mentoring. In the form of bi-monthly phone/skype/in-person options with 90 minute sessions. Restructuring, establishing healthy boundaries, and advanced body-mind connection.
  4. Metamorphosis $4,999
    Advanced Body Oracle ~ Alchemical Mentoring ~ 7 in-person/remote sessions at 120 minutes. Full intuitive readings, energetic clearing, heart & soul work for up to five months. More information with discovery call.