with love from,
Brandie Kohl

Co-creative Energy Medicine Practitioner​

Workshop Facilitator, Educator, Holistic Health Mentor
Interested in nature research, self empowerment, organic gardening, & intuitive development.
Services Offered:

Alchemical Mentoring & Sound Healing Sessions
Intuitive readings of the energetic anatomy, akasha, and aura:

Including the bones, muscles, organs, meridians, chemical/biological/electrical coherencies of cells, balancing of the central nervous system through flower essence solutions, energy medicine technologies, quantum matrix energetics,
and light language soul activation. With detailed notes, and plan of action.
Chakra clearing, balancing, and stabilizing with techniques that are easy to learn. Flushing of debris in the meridians & nadis channels.  Clearing of patterns,
and emotional/mental blockages that have been programmed in the cellular memory, your DNA, the frequency of the water in the body, and imprinted in the Akasha.

Geopathic & electromagnetic stressors, toxic chemicals in cleaners, beauty & body products can be minimized or eliminated for more vibrant health. As an electromagnetic being of light & information, we are consistently changing, integrating and maintaining balance, while expanding into our fullness.

We will also read in to the conditions & programming to assess if there are adjustments needed in the light/sound body, dissolve/dismantle psychic chords between soul contracts, inherited implants, curses, entities, past relationships, locations + land clearing, inanimate objects, and negative patterns of attachment...
Traumas located in the muscle memory can be released, as well as shock, and karmic miasmic patterning.  Checking for mineral/vitamin deficiencies, acid/alkaline levels,
and anything else that comes up during the complete bio-scan of your systems.  

A reading can be 3-5 pages in length for understanding these complex patterns.
Integration of the soul's messages from the nature perspective in the form of
flower essence therapy, microbial balancing, solutions/remedies, inlaying of sacred geometric shapes, energy patterns that promote, and reflect good grounding.
Light language transmissions are applied & spoken when the kundalini rises through Pingala, Shushumna, and Ida nadis.  It is spontaneously spoken from the higherself through the physical body & heart resonance.  

I have been researching this (Light Language~Mother Tongue) for over three years since I was drawing intuitive symbols, started hearing the galactic frequencies & soul languages prior to a workshop I attended in March 2014.  To assist with the reprogramming of the holographic crystalline matrix of the new human emerging on the planet at this time, especially since the harmonic convergence in the 1980's.  Many of my years have been spent being guided & initiated into this spiritual work needed during these times of transition.  I've been experiencing clairaudience for at least 16 years.
Intuitive guidance through mentorship that will assist in the activation of your own unique abilities, or strengthening of your personal gifts + intuition.
While working in co-creative partnership with nature & universal intelligence.
*Changing of thoughts, and habits will be a major shift that will happen as you're ready to effect changes in your environment, & life path. Your willingness to advance, 
and grow on your path will have an effect on those around you.  As you shift, and clear the energy field, you assist with the healing of ancestral wounds, and the generations to come with have the benefit of the work we do together.

Stay with positive affirmations & allow yourself to receive what is for you.
Allow yourself to open to love, and inner guidance.

Trust what is in your heart.
Live simply.

Send me an email with this contact form below:

'Bio-Scan' Assessment + Personal Reading $300
with detailed notes emailed, energy medicine exchange, and 60 minutes in-person or phone call.

'Follow-up' session in person $ 225
75-90 minutes at my location in Attica, New York or Remotely by phone/skype

'Tune-up' session in person or phone/skype  $175
60 minutes with intuitive guidance, and energy medicine exchange.

*The energy medicine exchange is a healing session guided specifically by your higherself:
Includes an energy cleansing process, flower essences, clearing of debris,
recalibration, and/or balancing & stabilizing of the bio-field with minerals, and essences. The scanning process can be between 1-3 hours remote reading before we connect in person or by technology.

​Additional options with the assessment + reading: 

Six weeks of accelerated light/sound body-soul work   $1333

75 minutes each ~ Weekly Phone/Skype Discussions
(6 remote/distance energy medicine sessions with alchemical mentoring)

 Including microbial balancing session with Perelandra ltd process,

grounding, emotional alchemy + mentoring, DNA activation,
Energy Psychology work with EFT guidance,  Holographic Grid & Crystalline Matrix Restructuring
(Several hours goes into this work beyond the calls, typing documents, and shifting energies in the unified field)

*Tracking imbalances within the holographic crystalline matrix of the human body field
& facilitate shifts with beneficial frequencies of colored light & sound.  
Locate any core traumas in the muscle memory & priorities for release.
As per the guidance of your Soul, our higherselves, and team of spiritual guides with divine light.

Intuitive Assessments + Intensive Energy Medicine Sessions for a Family
Includes 2 adults, and 3 youth up to age 18.
Progress reports given, and email exchanges with suggestions + guidance
Alchemical mentoring session + house energy clearing/blessing 
Ancestral healing, and for the future generations to come.
(1 week of intensive energy work + 5 weeks of integration time + recheck)

(*Adjusted rates for a family with single parents*)


​Alchemical Mentoring  sessions are incredibly dynamic & life changing ~ let's co-create...
(Check out our Gratitude page for reviews & rapport)


Diamond Light Body Activation $750 ​ 

Alchemical mentoring & sound healing session included. Up to 3 hours in-person.
Reconnect + strengthen sacred geometric patterning in the human body field.
Working with a 12 chakra system activation, including the core star, clearing of the nadis/meridian channels,
aligning with power points of the planet Earth, and integrate higher soul knowledge. 

Includes a Comprehensive Bio-Scan Assessment that is completed remotely prior to appointment.  
*Notes shared at the session. There is about 75-90 minutes of energy work with meridian activation points.​​

As a bonus, and a part of my dedicated service, 
we will connect for a follow-up alchemical mentoring session on the phone
to assess the integration within a weeks time for about 30 minutes.


  An intuitive reading with me may include, but is not limited to:

  • Locate Energetic Blocks (bones, muscles, organs)
  • Energy Medicine Techniques, Flower Essence Therapy 
  • Strengthen Meridians (flush stagnant energy if present)
  • Balance Brain Chemistry, while integrating the right/left hemispheres of brain
  • Stabilize & Integrate higher vibrational frequencies for healing 
  • Subtle body flow awakens pure potential & your unlimited inspiration

  • Follow up sessions can be by phone/internet video, or in person:

  • Heal & Clear the muscle memory of Shock, Trauma, and/or Miasmic patterning in the body field
  • Assists with shifting mental, and emotional issues from childhood or adulthood trauma, crisis, or mediation
  • Reconnect meridians in sacred geometric patterning: reflects good grounding
  • Stabilize Central Nervous System, while boosting cerebrospinal fluid pulse
  • Tools for self-empowerment, wellness mentoring, journey guidance

Also, contact me for Usui/Tibetan Reiki Treatments, Property Clearings,
Space Balancing & Blessings, Booking Ceremony & Beauty Way Rituals,
Custom Products, & Collaborations.


Collaborations may include workshops to learn/experience this work​
Co-creative Gardening with Nature
~ Rites of Passage ~ Seminars ~ Wedding Ceremony ~


Important information listed below, please read:

Energy Medicine Is:
Energy medicine is the art and science of assessing and harmonizing the body's energies to maximize one's own or another's well-being.

The body's energies include the electrical, electromagnetic, and electrochemical energies that are recognized by science as being involved in every bodily function, and they also include the more subtle energies (such as "chakras" and "meridians") recognized by time-honored healing and spiritual traditions as providing the animating force of the physical body as well as its invisible infrastructure.

The term "energy medicine" uses the word "medicine" in the sense of "Laughter is good medicine"; "Love is good medicine"; "Exercise is good medicine"; "Gratifying work is good medicine"; "Vacations are good medicine."

Keeping your energies in an optimal flow and harmony is good medicine. That is the way energy medicine achieves its purpose of enhancing well-being at the levels of body, mind, and spirit.
Energy Medicine Is Not:
Energy medicine is not a specific healing system, but rather an umbrella term that encompasses a wide range of energy-oriented healing approaches.

Energy Medicine does not diagnose or treat illnesses of body or mind, though it may be a complement to such practices.

While Energy Medicine practitioners receive extensive training and supervised experience, Energy Medicine is not currently regulated by any government agencies within the United States.

“Explanation here in italics shared with permission from”

+ Through ancient Energy Medicines,
co-creative workshops, personal sessions, 
& wholistic health mentoring.

+ Continue or begin your journey
of alchemical transformation today!
Session Payment
~ Personal Assessment ~
& Energy Session
Session Package 
6 weeks accelerated program
Family Package
~ Readings + Energy Work~

Diamond Light Body
~ Alchemical Mentoring ~
& In person options